Ellipse system fragrances

12 x 160ml/300 doses Available in 8 fragrances
£35.89 excl VAT

The 'Freedom in Fragrance' range of air freshener aerosol fragrances contains a highly effective patented neutralising agent.

When a fragrance is sprayed the neutralising agent breaks down any malodour molecules in the atmosphere.

Unpleasant odours vanish and you are left with a clean fragrance and happy customer.

Available in aerosol each fragrance (160ml/3000 dose) counteracts both washroom and tobacco malodour.

Patented dual action neutralising agent for advanced malodour control.

Safe formulations approved for use under EU regulations.

Fragrances available in aerosol and sachet format.

Aerosols comply with 75/324/EEC & 94/1/EC, the Aerosol Directive and Amendment.

Aerosols are labelled to comply with the Dangerous Preparations Directive 99/45/EC as amended by 2001/60/EC.